Our story

ACB Plumbers is a self financed plumbing company that specializes in 24 hour repairs and maintenance. ACB Plumbers is also involved in the construction aspects of new buildings .The Company was founded in 2007 and has shown steady growth since. The company deals in any plumbing related issue that could be encountered in domestic or commercial buildings. The company has the capacity to take on projects that are outside the boarders of Gauteng.

ACB Plumbers has two divisions, the one dealing with domestic calls and the other looks after the needs of our corporate clients. We have had extensive exposure to corporate clients, landlords, banks etc. We are not a start up in this regard and our experience will allow us to slot in with any organisation and adhere to their standards and compliance needs. We are not just plumbers, we are your short term partner that is focused on finding solutions for the challenges you face in our area of expertise.

What makes us different? What's in it for you?

In this competitive market we understand that we have to offer something that other contractors don't. Four years of exhaustive research has resulted in what we call our four pillars of excellence. These four pillars make us unique and a viable option for any project manager that his hands full on a daily basis. We concentrate in taking the burden out of the four most tiresome and complicated tasks any project manager, maintenance manager, portfolio manager or site manager has to deal with daily.

We believe that if we can get the job done at the best price in the shortest time, 24 hours a day, with no "come backs," then we can offer a service that will be hard to match. We take some of the load and stress from our clients and manage it for them as we have qualified lateral thinkers on site all the time. Our clients need time to plan the next job while we get the current one done for them.

  • WE RESPECT YOUR TIME: We are never late, stick to deadlines, adhere to our clients' schedules, are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and plan our lives according to the clients' needs.
  • WE OFFER YOU THE BEST PRICES: We believe that profit is essential but the "job pipeline" is our cardinal goal. We will assist to make the clients' projects as affordable as possible for the client and we will stick to our side of the quoted price to make sure we are part of your budget solution and not a budget problem.
  • WE UNDERSTAND GOOD WORK: We understand that the project manager wants to "touch" a project once and our quality control ensures that when we leave site that you can file it in the "done" file and not have to deal with follow up calls and irate occupants.
  • WE DO WHAT OTHERS DONT: Our success has come through a simple approach - we need to do what no one else will, at a time when no one else is available, at a good price, in a short time with zero comebacks. If our clients are in a bind they call us first, we deliver fast and effectively.

Company Details


The office and workshop are located in Strubens Valley, but we currently service the entire west, south, east and northern suburbs.

Financial Facts

The company has grown from strength to strength over the last 5 years and we are confident that we can support new ventures that come our way. We currently have liability cover of R 2 000 000.00. ACB Plumbers also has the resources to put additional crews on the road if it is required after guarantees are in place.


We have well trained staff that are capable of dealing with their daily challenges as they go about their daily duties. The training at ACB Plumbers is a daily ritual. We believe in communication and thought sharing on all aspects in order to continuously improve ourselves. We are viewed as a smaller company by design. However this has only lead to additional determination in delivering unsurpassed service, on time, every time. New challenges are embraced by all staff members and seen as an opportunity to show our clients our capabilities and determination.

Health and Safety

All aspects of health and safety are always at the forefront of all our employees' minds and management is constantly monitoring this to ensure that the highest standards are upheld from our initial risk assessment; PPE, site management and project sign off.

Safety Management


Our health & Safety procedure identifies and encompasses the working behaviour of all employed by ACB Plumbers and their service to our clients.


At ACB Plumbers it is required that our employees read, understand and take note of the requirements that are set, regarding Health & Safety and ongoing evaluation ensures this for our clients.

Roles, Responsibility and Accountability

  • We at ACB Plumbers will provide all reasonable measures necessary for maintaining proper personal hygiene, and ensure the Health and Safety of persons and property at or near the site.
  • Avoid unnecessary interference with the passage of people and property at or near the site we are engaged at.
  • Prevent excessive noise and unreasonable disturbances in performing our work as contractors.
  • We will be responsible for the stability and Health and Safety of all our work.
  • At ACB Plumbers we are familiar with the content and implications of all applicable legislation, municipal requirements, procedures, guidelines and standards applicable to the services to be provided.

    At ACB Plumbers our main aims are

    • Complete the brief from the client at the agreed price and time with no labour complications
    • Support the maintenance or project manager - becoming part of their team and solution
    • Reduce stress and complications for the project manager by providing forward thinking supervisors on site at every site every day – reaction time to challenges are cut by 80%
    • Measure, cut, shape, assemble and join various materials and accept liability for errors
    • Use, clean and maintain various equipment with little to no disruption of personnel on site
    • Read, prepare or interpret blueprints & drawings so mistakes & time delays can be avoided
    • Conform with building codes and other regulations so that the client has a clean bill of health when we leave site
    • Supervise apprentices or other workers and make the labour force our problem.
    • At ACB Plumbers we have preventative measures in place

      • We follow safety procedures for confined space entry, trenches and excavations.
      • Use fall protection and other precautions when working at heights.
      • Install and maintain good ventilation.
      • Keep tools and equipment, and their safety features, in good working order.
      • Use appropriate personal protective equipment for the task.
      • Wear appropriate footwear.
      • Keep work areas clear of clutter and equipment.
      • Avoid awkward body positions and repetitive manual tasks, or take frequent breaks
      • Learn safe lifting techniques.
      • Waste Management Plan

        All waste is to be collected maintaining health and safety standards

        Step 1 Identify and confirm the site where the waste will be disposed of and ensure that it is a legal disposal site.

        Step 2 Arrange the appropriate materials to contain the waste.

        Step 3 Discuss all aspects of the waste disposal with all relevant employees.

        Step 4 Inform all other people that may be involved with the waste disposal of our activities, and the starting and finishing time.

        Step 5 Erect the correct signage and demarcate the area so that it is visible to any person that may be unaware of the project at hand.

        Step 6 Collect waste and secure in designated containers, bags etc.

        Step 7 Transport waste in designated vehicle to disposal site.

        Step 8 Check review mirrors for any spillage or loss of waste been transported.

        Step 9 Dispose of waste in designated location.

        We are not only your plumbers and/or renovators - we are your short term partners that take some of the load and stress off you. You will have less hassles, no delays, good prices, no labour issues, no missed deadlines, no irate phone calls and generally a better more pleasant working experience.

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